I filled out one of those online surveys the other day. The kind that asks random and sometimes personal questions. I actually received it from Jenn and I figured I’d fill it out because I was bored. One of the questions intrigued me and at that time, I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I gave a quick answer and moved on to the next. But after today, I wish I could answer it again. The question was What commercial(s) really makes you want to buy something? My quick answer was “Those facial scrub products. They look so refreshing.” I read that to myself now and think, Pathetic. You are as deep as a flipping kiddie pool.

Amy and I woke up this morning without any power. The wind was howling and knocked down a tree nearby. Instead of waiting for power to simply return, we decided to venture out and make a day of it. By the time we got back, we hoped power would be back too.

Amy treated me to lunch so I decided to take her out to a movie. We’d both wanted to see Love Actually starring our favorite sexy older British man, Hugh Grant. On our way to the theater, something caught my eye. A weeping willow dancing in the wind, literally. Another magical moment I could not pass up. I pulled over and Amy and I both jumped out of the car. I grabbed my camera and starting shooting. I wish the picture(s) could express to you what it was like to be there, but it can’t. Still, it may give you some kind of idea.

From the willow, we continued on. After making a few other stops–a music shop, a pet store, and a grocery store parking lot–we finally got to our movie. We arrived and no one was there, hence the reason for more picture taking. Not often do you walk into a theater playing a popular movie and be the only one or two persons there. It was another magical moment all our own.

But then we watched the movie. By its end, I was consumed in thought. Thoughts of magic and Christmas, of God and Spirit, of love and romance. Movies tend to have a long-lasting effect on my subconscious and I’ve been silently contemplating ever since.

So by now, you’re probably wondering what I wish I could change my answer to. After all that, I can hear you saying, “Okay. You had a great day. What does that have anything to do with the survey question?” Well, nothing really. Only just that it wasn’t a commercial that makes me want to buy something and it’s not something I want to buy. Rather, it’s a movie that makes me yearn for a place I’d like to go. Whenever I see anything having to do anything with London, I wish like none other to go there. To live there. Just for a while. Just for the experience. And now I’m only wondering if I’ll ever make that happen. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and just wait for something great to come my way. I want to pursue that which I think is magical and beautiful and unlike anything I ever thought I’d have the guts to do.

These are just thoughts I’m having. I haven’t said that I’m flying off to London and I have no intentions on saying anything like that soon. I’d just like to go and I wish that would happen for me.

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