Long feathered friends…

I went to see The Four Feathers for the second time last night. I went with good friends Sarah, Molly, Nate, and little brother Kyle. It was definetely fun and I liked doing something together for a change. I’m constantly hanging out with the same friends, and I’ve neglected the ones that are normally close by. So going to the movie was great fun and I got to know Nate better, as well. He works for mom now and he’s gonna be a great friend of a long time, I think. He’s one of those guys who I don’t think I’ll lose touch with, even after I move out of the house and living in Canada. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he and some others came to visit me sometime or something. He’s simply that cool of a guy.

It was funny because before Stephanie left for college, she got to meet Nate and she came to me later that night and explained that he was the “hottest” guy she’d ever seen. I just laughed it off, but she was serious and kept saying, “Carly!” and I kept saying back, “What?!” And then she continued, “Don’t you think so?!?!” And I said, “Uh, not really.” That boggled her mind, but I was being totally honest. And I’m sort of glad because right now, it’s fun having him for a friend and I’m trying really hard to guard my heart from getting involved with any guy. He’s so passionate for God, which is a very attractive characteristic for me, but I’m holding out for reasons that are both my own and others’. My mom doesn’t want me to like him like that because he works for her and then things would just be weird. And I don’t want to like him because I am waiting to be pursued. I’ve been the pursuer my whole life and I’m tired of it. I am “worthy of being pursued,” so I’ve basically quit trying to find out if a guy might be interested.

Well, I’m off to draw funny things and add ugly pictures to my collage-wall. Much love for everyone! jeffersonair.

PS. The Four Feathers is such an awesome movie! I loved it! Go see it! What a beautiful story! Loyalty, honor, friendship! It’s all in there. Go see it, and if you don’t have money, sneak in! It’s worth the trouble!

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