No one understands what a bike ride does to my overall day. It enhances all the good parts by about 50% and drowns out anything remotely bad. On a beautiful crisp fall day as today, I knew I had to ride my bike to work. My brain is set to overdrive whenever I make any trek on my bike. Today, soaring down 124th toward Willows Road, my thought process went as follows:

(As I pass two girls walking in the opposite direction) I wonder what’d I’d do if those two girls were suddenly hit by a crazed driver… I wonder if I’d throw myself in front of the car in order to save them… I’ve heard of stories where people were saved by angels… Angels are not supposed to be that much more important that human beings… Angels are holy beings… Wait… As God’s children, we are holy beings… I need to use my hand signals…

My mind just goes and goes and goes… Whereas, if I were driving, I’d be tuned out and completely tuned in to whatever was playing in the CD player.

The Burke Gilman trail was a sight for sore eyes. As well as its frequent visitors. Today, I heard the best response to my ongoing calls of “On your left!” I passed a man, stating the infamous phrase, and he replied, “God’s speed!” It was the best thing I’d heard all week.

As I raced along the path, I wondered about what people’s immediate thoughts were of me as I passed them. The thoughts that people assume naturally about every single person they take the time to look at. Personally, if I were a guy, I would think a girl wearing a scarf and a brown teflon messenger bag is the sexiest thing ever. Or at least the sexiest thing on the trail. No doubt.

Here’s a picture I took from when I was riding back home. I pass under this bridge every time I ride the trail. This was the first time I’d ever seen it at night. I’d never ridden the trail in pitch darkness but now that I have, I don’t think I would want it any other way. It’s exciting and so beautiful at night. It reminded me of that momentary silence that happens just before it snows. Hold your breath.

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