Day-After Halloween Rendition:

Ah, Halloween. What is it about this holiday that completely loses my interest? Perhaps it’s the costumes. Every year, they are the same. Ghosts, witches, monsters, vampires, devils, bunnies… The same. Of course, then there are the characters seen in the previous year. I cannot tell you how many children I’ve seen walking around dressed in “Stitch” and “Nemo” costumes. And then of course, there’s the unruly amounts of candy given out to the already overweight four-year-olds. Kids will have candy to live off of for the remaining year. By the time Halloween 2004 comes around, the childrens’ sweets supply will be just dwindling down enough to where it’s a good time to replenish. Of course, the most annoying thing are all the 12+ year old young adults who feel it’s still “totally legit” to go trick-or-treating like the rest of the “kiddies.”

“Trick or treat!”



“You’re taller than I am!”


“Dude. I saw you pull up in your car. Go buy some candy!”

“Nu-uh. I’m only 12. People always mistake me for a 16 year old.”

“Right. Right. Which is why you forgot to shave this morning.”

“It’s just candy!”

“And you graduated high school the same year as me! What’s your point??”

Then again. Maybe Halloween is good for something. It’s always good for a laugh. There are people I know who have never participated in Halloween due to spiritual stuff or whatever else. “Halloween is Satan’s holiday” and whatnot. Of course, that’s not always the reason, but it’s definitely the most popular. I definitely enjoy Halloween more than I enjoy Thanksgiving. Maybe I’m just not a holidays type of person. Halloween has too much candy. Thanksgiving has too much food. Easter has too many eggs.

I guess I’m just too hard to please.

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