I fell on my buttocks eight times tonight…

We went ice skating tonight and it was totally rad. I have some cool friends! The other day, I was totally having a pity-party, but that’s always a temporary state-of-mind. Dude, I have friends! Don’t get me wrong! But they’re new friends. The friends I have since made since all the most important, closest friends left. I guess now, with these new friends, when I go a few days not having seen any of them, I get a little down… I guess I just miss them a whole bunch, along with all my missing-in-action friends. I had no idea that graduating from high school would be this mind-boggling… You know how growing up with really close friends in elementary school and junior high, the thought of everyone attending the same school seems like the easiest thing for people to do, but in the end, it so isn’t! They should have a school that specializes in everything because, for serious now, there are some people who simply do not wish to part. I guess that’s the reality of life, though, huh?

On a different note, I’ve been looking at vans for sale. Cool living-room type vans–the kind that you can sleep and eat in. Basically, it’s your bedroom on wheels! And I totally dig that idea! I would love to live that way! Because, well, the thought of not traveling and playing music with a band just gets me down some. So, whenever I see a really sweet, well-broken-in van, I cannot help but desire it, long for it, need it…

Well goodnight everyone. It’s really late and I am mass tired. I only got 1.75 hours of sleep last night and I just worked out a hefty amount at the ice rink… So I am totally swiped. Later! Fly safely!

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