Inquiring minds would like to know. Or so I would guess. Because for the longest time, I have been single. Everyone has known me as a single person. When was the last time I discussed my relationships, particularly that of the dating genre? Probably back in November when I went on my first date ever. That was a chaotic situation. Simply because I faced something I’d never had to face before, therefore becoming an anxious, nervous nit-wit who couldn’t keep to a regular breathing pattern.

For the sake of saving space, time, and your boredom, I’ll make this quick. Anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask in the comments. Or perhaps I’ll detail it in a future post. But for now, I’ll stick to the basics.

Art and I have known each other since February of this year. Through Christian Guitar Resources, a place of forums and message boards, discussing various topics (ie. guitars, literature, Switchfoot, theology, etc.). Our friendship began when we saw a strange amount of similarities in each other’s living situations and began talking to each other about them through daily emails. Through daily communication (either through email or MSN Messenger), we have encouraged, supported, and pushed each other, as really good friends ought to do. For six months, this is how things were.

And then feelings changed. On July 13th, 2003.

So we prayed. Seperately. Talked even more than we had before. Prayed more. Continued to contemplate whether or not something could work between us. Prayed…

And then he came to see me (from the mountains of Loyalton, California). And our feelings for each other were confirmed. We were both the same exact people we were online, making it completely natural to be there in each other’s company.

We’ve decided to give it a shot and have made our relationship official. So everyone, please. Lift your wine glasses (filled with Mountain Dew, of course) and toast to my sweet-hearted, gentle-spirited, adoring boyfriend, Art Bennett.


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