On knowing Nick Drake.

“[Public school is a place] where the sensitive experience a horrified dissociation from reality that can sometimes never fade away.” – Nick Drake.

When asked, “If you’re so unhappy Nick, why haven’t you killed yourself?” Nick replied, “It’s too cowardly. And besides, I don’t have the courage.”

“He would be staying at my flat and we would be talking, and he’d say, ‘Do you mind if I go into the kitchen and take my pills (the anti-depressants). I’m frightfully sorry, frightfully sorry.'” – Sophia Ryde, a friend of Nick’s.

“Of all the albums I ever made, the two I produced by Nick are the ones I’m most proud of. I listen to them often because he was extraordinarily good – nothing he ever did was less than striking, and he had the gift of writing melodies of incredible beauty.”

– Joe Boyd, producer of Nick’s first two albums.

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