A long day at work. My back was killing me. I looked forward to sitting in my car, vegging out as I guided the car along winding roads.

I pulled out of the mall parking lot and pulled up to the car in front of me. Everything around me was blurred and seemingly non-important. All that mattered then was that I was sitting and enjoying the act of being non-active. However, I quickly focused again on driving and looked at the car ahead of me. I soon noticed that the vehicle in front of me wasn’t a typical car. It was, in fact, a hearse. However, it wasn’t an occupational hearse, with a coffin in the back and hanging black curtains. Rather, it was actually someone’s everyday driving car, the one he more than likely drove to work and on daily errands around town. There were several stickers to decorate the haunted bumper. Like “Just one corpse at a time,” and “If you get any closer, I’ll eat you,” and lastly, “I thrive in the dark.” Just above the left rear headlight was a satirical Jesus-fish, but with fangs and the word “vampire” in the center.

And I thought the scruffy dog car in Dumb and Dumber was a little “creepy.”

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