I have news! Ryan and I have decided to attain our own personal tattoos. I always wanted a tattoo. Many people like piercings, but they never appealed to me. However, I often find myself staring at tattoos drawn around a girl’s belly button or the shoulder blade of some guy. I’ve always wondered what I would have done if I ever had a tattoo, and I was sure I would design it myself.

So I have done just that. I have started the designing process of my tattoo. Like so many girls out there, I’ll place it on the hollow of my back. My tattoo definitely means something to me and I will enjoy explaining it to people.

The sea turtle is incredibly cool. They are beautiful animals often overlooked by humanity. They have a reputation for being “lazy” due to the fact that they’re slow-moving on land. However, land is not their natural habitat. Water is. They cut through water as well as any fish. They are graceful and maticulous about their movements. They live for 100’s of years. I can only imagine the stories they would have to tell if they could speak. They carry themselves proudly, despite the heavy load of their shell, and they don’t stop trying. They’re strong, but they’re gentle. I find them to be very spiritual in a metaphorical sense.


This is what I have done so far. It’s not finished (obviously), but I think this will give you a good idea of what I want done. Tell me what you think.

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