These last few days, I have sat in front of this screen on several different occasions in hopes to write and I have come to the conclusion that I have nothing to say about anything.

I have finally decided now, despite my lack of any real creative juices, to tap out a few words, sentences, and hopefully even paragraphs. I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter if the writer has anything or nothing significant to say, the simple act of writing is what matters and makes any sort of difference.

My head has been a sort of “trail mix” these days. A variety of ideas all mixed together creating one tasty sense of life. Like the snack, I’ve been eating up the ideas I like most (the m&m’s and raisins) and tossing out the rest (the nuts). I realize I’m pushing this analogy, but I rarely ever have any, so I’m going to continue… These last few days, I’ve started to realize that I haven’t been sharing my trail mix with anyone. I’ve been hogging it all to myself, disgarded peanuts and all. Therefore, I am now going to share.

Here is a list of things I’ve been thinking about or mulling over.

An update on my state of life and mind.


I have noticed that other bloggers and blogger readers tend to enjoy the life updates of random strangers all over the world. However, it has been important to me for quite some time that I don’t write like so many people out there do. I am a writer, not a babbling idiot (generally speaking). Like anyone, I enjoy the occasional rant. But the posts that read as such, “OMG! Jess and I went to the mall today! LOL! It was so cool! And I saw Rob there!! ^-^ I swear! He is the hottest guy! And I think he saw me when we were at Abercrombie! I thought I would die! 😛 Bye!” How does this mean anything to anyone in the world besides the person writing it? People can do what they want, but I don’t have to read it. For which I am eternally grateful.

Nonetheless, the issue of blogging seems to irk people to no end. It seems my mom and sister think blogging is all I do. Like my brother is accused (wrongfully) of playing videogames all day, I am accused of blogging all day. Unfortunately, what they don’t see are all the other things I spend my time doing. Like the dicussion boards at WAOL for my online classes. Or I’ll have a Word document open to write lyrics to a new song. I occasionally check my eBay account to see if any paintings have sold. Unfortunately, many of the things I enjoy doing are greatly helped by the use of this handy laptop. What makes me frustrated is that my family fails to see everything else behind my closed door. Playing my guitar, singing, painting, writing in one of my many journals, sketching, listening to music, or reading. There are things I do besides blog, but I happen to enjoy those activities most when I’m alone. Just like I see absolutely nothing wrong with my brother playing videogames for an hour or two a day, I see nothing wrong with blogging on a regular basis.

I blog… So sue me.


Working at Eastside Dog has been a very pleasant experience. I am working between 20 and 25 hours a week now (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and the people I work with are extremely nice and understanding. I have met with some realities and also drawn conclusions on rumors I have heard.

Those realities are concerning employee/customer relations and employee/employee relations. Between an employee and customer, it simply is not always and forever a friendly or understanding relationship. People don’t get the thing they want or their question is one I cannot answer. They will huff and they will puff and wish like none other that they can blow the small shop down, but that’s their problem, not mine. I will do the best I can to help the customer and provide whatever answer I have or I will guide them to someone else if I happen to not know. The best I can do is simply that. Same goes for my relationship between other employees. There is a woman who (still don’t know why, starting to not care) likes to complain to my boss about me. Sue has called me three times now to ask me questions about stupid situations I’ve been accused of causing or adding to. After explaining why I did what I did or clarifying missing links to whatever story she’s heard, she hangs up the phone saying, “Oh! Oh! I am so glad I called you! That makes so much more sense! Louann didn’t say anything about that! You did the right thing! Thank you, Carly! I’m sorry I called, but I had to make sure.” To which I say, “Of course, Sue. I really want to do a good job for you. So I really appreciate you coming to me about it.” And peace is restored after we both hang up.

The myths I have made conclusions on are fairly miniscule, but fun to share.

Retail sucks. No, it doesn’t. It has aspects that suck, but mostly, it’s pretty great. Although, I strongly feel that the fun had working in retrail is strongly based upon where it is you are working.

Walking on tiles all day will hurt your back. More true than you’d like to know.

The customer is always right. No freaking way.

Commission really make the difference for someone paid at minimum wage. Let’s just say I wouldn’t continue working there if I weren’t receiving commission. It makes all the difference.


Family is so interesting to me. Family’s can be closely knit together or they can branch out to where there are aunts, uncles, cousins, and perhaps even grandparents you’ve never met before. I have relatives in Kansas who I have never met and generally have no real interest in meeting. Not that I don’t want to, but I simply feel that I could go either way.

My Uncle Dave just called. I answered and it was a blessing to hear him say “Hey, Car! I love ya!” before he even asked me how I was. He’s really great like that. And he’s in town tomorrow and wants to meet with my mom and anyone else who’s available while he’s here. My Uncle Dave is an entertainer for a line of cruise ships. He is 15 years younger than my mom, but they are very close. Generally, I don’t really like my mom’s other two brothers. But I adore my Uncle Dave. Let me put it this way… In the future, Uncle Dave will be the only relative outside my immediate family who will receive a wedding invitation from me. Besides him, I don’t want any of my uncles or aunts or cousins to be there. The same goes for my dad’s older brother and sister. I barely know either of them. I’ve met my Aunt Debbie once. I can’t remember anything about her except her dog. So why would I want her to come to my wedding?

Basically, I’ve just been thinking about the different bonds between immediate family members and distant relatives. I don’t really feel bad about not liking my uncles or my aunt. I love them like I love any other human being created by God (which would be all people), but there’s a difference between loving people the same way God loves them and liking who they are as people.

Generally, that’s all I’d like to say for now. It’s a lot more than I have been saying as of late. I’d like to write out more thoughts, but I fear I should stop while I’m ahead now.

And I really need to audblog… I miss the sound of my voice through the telephone receiver.

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