Tonight was the first time I closed the shop by myself. It was fantastic! I didn’t struggle at all and I knew the answers to every customer’s question. I was calm and cool and handled everything very nicely. It feels great to be able to independently “run” a shop. I mean, I don’t know the details behind financing or buying and ordering supplies, but when it comes to customer service… I rule.

Steph and I are seeing a movie tonight. Because it’s with Steph, I am fully prepared and proud to say what movie it is we intend to see. From the J to the Lo, it’s Gigli and I honestly believe that it’s going to be great! I think every Jennifer Lopez movie I have seen have been with Steph. Except for Maid in Manhattan, which I saw with my mom. And it happened to be a movie I despise. I figure if I’m going to see a J-Lo movie, I’d best see it with the one person who’ll make it great–Steph.

On a side note, I find myself desiring the Bible. To read it, consume it, and know it. Still, I won’t pick it up. I won’t even crack the cover. So much of me simply doesn’t know where to begin. For many, it’s easy. They choose a book, a chapter, or verse and they dwell… They dwell and dwell and meditate and then dwell some more… Somehow, they gain an immense amount of satisfaction and fulfillment from this. For them, I send them a well-rounded “congrats.” However, there is still my own fulfillment to be addressed. Or is there really no other way to go about reading the Bible?

I’ve always disliked reading… My whole life, pretty much. How does a person change an inherited personality trait flaw?

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