So I’m brown with a lobster face. It works for me, I think.

The skin on my lips is coming off… What does that mean? It means chapped lips are not fun, but very much worth the trip!

A few things:

From this year on, we will always be leaving between 3:00 and 4:00 am so to avoid the long line of traffic preceding the Gorge Amphitheater gates. It was beautiful.

Which do you find more entertaining? A band of four very “rock-star” type males going crazy on a stage or an umbrella flying through the air, upside-down, and showing no signs of coming back down? The answer is UMBRELLA.

If you lose the keys to your car, check underneath the seat of Travis‘ WRX, which would be the last place you sat.

Wear sunscreen.

If the line to the girls’ cold showers are too long, just borrow someone’s hot shower bracelet and proceed to the girls’ hot showers location. Whilst you take advantage of having no line to wait at the end of, do not neglect to use the cold water provided. In 107 degree weather, hot water just does not suffice.

Switchfoot. Jon Foreman singing “We were meant to live!” into his guitar. Tim Foreman jumping off the platform. Jerome singing the back-up part, “New way! There’s a new way!” And Chad’s inevitable underbite when he gets “into” the music.

PAX217… While watching him perform on the main-stage in front of approximately 15,000 people, memories of Dave (the lead singer) back when he was 18 flashed through my head. Four years ago, we went to see PAX and we ended up being part of an audience totaling about 30 to 40 people. My friends and I were the core of the “mosh pit.” After the show (which happened to be amazing, even then!), we chatted with Dave and he told us he was really hoping that the single from their first album would be “really awesome.” I don’t think worries about that anymore.

Water Wars. Coolers filled with water and ice chunks. Bottles that were never used for drinking. For the sake of getting the other person soaked–that’s what it was all about.

Nathan gave the Honey Buckets a new nickname. “Portable Crap Ovens.”

Cheese gets soggy when it’s left in a cooler without a wrapper.

I love my fold-out mattress.

God paints beautiful sunsets and he made the Columbia River in the shape of a dove… on purpose, I’m sure of it.

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