Last night was entertainment at its best. Ryan held a bean dip party at his house yesterday evening. I arrived late, but just as well. I entered in and found everyone watching The Animatrix, the DVD that Ryan had borrowed from me. I couldn’t bring myself to sit down, so I ended up standing the entire time we watched. I would commute from the living room to the kitchen because while there was still bean dip left, I was much more interested in the baked cookies Ryan made on Friday. I think I ate four. Then downed a Sprite Remix, something I’ve never tried. And yes, Sarah is correct. It tastes like Skittles in liquid form.

Jon Johnson lay sprawled across the couch with his head against Leah‘s thigh. Sometime during the movie, he mentioned the new “additions” to his body. “Yeah, dude. Got my nipples pierced. Check it out!” He lifted his shirt and revealed two swollen nipples and a very thin, hairy belly. We all leaned in to have a gander, while Leah turned her head away, pulling a hand up to block any stray vision of nipple that may trespass her gaze. All the questions proceeded of how long it took, how painful it was, who was there when Jon had it done, and so on and so forth. We pushed Leah to look for herself, but she absolutely wouldn’t. Jon tried tricking her a few times, but it wasn’t happening. So he gave up… temporarily.

The movie ended and Jon Johnson thought he’d give it another whirl. To Leah’s surprise, he pulled his shirt up as fast as he could and screamed, “Nipple! Nipple! Nipple!” Leah screamed again and pulled up her hands. We all started to egg Leah on, pushing her to dare herself and look at Jon’s nipples. It wasn’t happening. Eventually, Jon screamed other words as he played with the silver rings, “Nipple! Nipple! Supple! Supple! Flippy! Flippy! Nippy! Nippy! Squeezy! Squeezy! Look, Leah, look! Piercy! Piercy! Ringy! Ringy!” But Leah didn’t catch one look.

Ryan walked us all out to our cars and amidst the “goodbye’s” and “goodnights” and hugs, Jon Johnson gave it one last shot. He pulled his shirt up all the way and ran after Leah like he was a demented leprechaun. By this time, the whole group was bent over in laughter and watched as Leah basically jogged around the culdesac, not once looking back at Jon Johnson’s nipples. I could have watched it all night. It was that funny.

And yes, eventually I did ask Jon if I could touch a nipple. He said of course. I did. It was… interesting. I figure it’s like any other nipple in the world. Simply one with a metal rod going through the middle of it.

So that’s that.

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