It’s a shame really… A shame that I cannot be within 100 feet of this man’s personal bubble, let alone marry him!

“I am in love with the thought of a whole future crouching, just waiting to pounce. Like Hobbes. I want to kiss the idea of stepping out of a boat. I want to feel a sloshing lake hold beneath my Wal-Mart flip flops. I want to hide my life in the back of a U-Haul truck and unload it in a town full of restaurants. A town full of servers who don’t instinctively bring over a glass of Mountain Dew when they notice me sitting in their section. I want to gather up all the things I will be forced to leave behind. I want to hitch them to my U-Haul. So I don’t have to see my reflection breaking down like an old Nissan. When I check the rearview mirror one too many times. Empathizing with Lot’s wife.” – Jason Killingsworth

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