Everybody and their mom was out on the trail today. I got called into work and took that opportunity as one to ride my bike to work. This year’s Fourth of July has been the first fully-sunny, non-clouded day for perhaps the last three, maybe four years.

Needless to say, getting to work was a bit of a “crowded” issue.

I have discovered that taking a public trail to work can become a very social endeavor. First of all, there are lots of people who have all gathered on a specific day in a specific place. Secondly, for the most part, everyone there has the same or like goals in mind. In this particular case, we have come to exercise, to be outside, and/or to get from one point to another. And don’t forget the ongoing communication with multiple individuals. You would be amazed as to the varying ways you can say, “On your left,” whenever passing someone who is walking, running, roller blading and/or whoever else slower than yourself.

On a side note–I saw a woman come into the store today and her skin was so overexposed to the sun, I swear it wasn’t right that she was still living. Cancer should have claimed her life eons ago. No joke. I actually wanted to ask her what living with dinosaurs was like.

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