This day is going so well. I woke up early this morning to a pleasant voice and proceeded to shower, dress, and everything else you do to get ready for the day.

I was about ready to leave when my mom walked into the bathroom, passed me, then shot around, looked at me and said, “You’re thin!”

Caught off guard, I simply respond, “Huh?”

“You look firmer! What are you doing??”

“Really? You can notice?”

“You don’t feel it? Because you sure look it!”

“No, not yet… I can’t feel it yet.”

I haven’t really talked about this much because I thought it would be best to hold it to myself. But yes, I have been working at losing weight. It started last weekend. I’ve been biking and/or running every single day since Monday. I work out about two to three times a day and due to the sudden change in activity level, I have experienced a minor side effect–loss of appetite. I don’t snack between meals (because I’m just not hungry) and when I do eat, it’s not a lot. With lunch and dinner, I try to keep the variety up so that I feel more satisfied by the end of it. Oh yes, and water consumation is at an all-time high.

Ok, so there you have it. I’m working my butt off (literally) and if my mom notices a difference in just one week, I can only imagine what will happen in a month.

“Oh… I can feel it.” – Kronk, The Emperor’s New Groove

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