I love having reasons to create art! If I weren’t in an art class right now, I guarantee you that I would not be doing anything creative besides scribbling out a few sonnets. Since starting this class (alongside Leah), my muse has been ignited and all these artistic ideas have been flooding my brain!

When I am in an art class, it always helps to have someone guiding me and telling me what he or she wants me to do. Not some uniform idea, but rather a concept provided to me which I take and elaborate on. Growing up in elementary school, the teacher assigns some sort of project and he or she shows you exactly how it is supposed to look. As we grow older and art classes become more advanced, what we decide to do with whatever is given is completely up to us.

The teacher says, “Here’s the medium.”

I say, “Ok.”

The teacher says, “Here are some examples of that medium.”

I say, “Ok.”

The teacher says, “Now you try.”

I say, “Ok!”

And now I must go paint! Ta ta!

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