A night of wonderful messenger…

steph: Man…

carly: I’m telling you…

carly: Brian is the only great guy around here.

steph: haha

steph: tru dat!!

steph: 🙂

steph: except

carly: except huh?

steph: sometimes i kind of feel bad talking to him

steph: cuz he’s YOUR friend

carly: WHAT?!

carly: NO WAY!!!

carly: Partake!!!

steph: haha

carly: Talk to him all you want!

steph: well, know what i mean, though?

carly: I could not possibly hog him to myself!

steph: hahahahaha

steph: i know you wouldn’t

steph: 🙂

carly: Seriously… He’s too good to keep all for my own. It just wouldn’t be fair.

steph: hahaha

carly: We’re right though.

carly: He’s the only guy who treats us like princesses.

steph: seriously

steph: if he were a pimp

steph: we would totally be his ho’s

steph: 😉

steph: hehe

steph: jk

carly: No kidding!

carly: I wouldn’t mind it at all!

carly: You know what he should do??

steph: what?

carly: Brian should teach a How to Be A Gentleman (aka Prince Charming 101) class!

steph: YEAH!!!!

carly: We come up with the best ideas.

steph: seriously

steph: we should be famous


carly: You should call Steph and tell her… Um… Oh! Call her a “Chinese Whore” and then hang up.

carly: I’m not kidding, she’ll pee her pants laughing.

brian: I wouldn’t call anyone that!

brian: Especially one of you

carly: DO IT!

brian: Carly

brian: N

brian: o

brian: I will NOT call her a whore.

carly: DO IT!!!

carly: PLEASE!!!

brian: NO!

brian: seriously

carly: WHY NOT?!?!!?

brian: Because

brian: I

brian: Will

brian: NOT

brian: Call

brian: her

brian: a

brian: whore

brian: no way

brian: Not even joking, babe!

carly: you don’t understand.

brian: I know. It’s funny

carly: It will make her sooo happy.

brian: But I just don’t do that

brian: I know it would probably be ok. But that’s not cool to me

carly: Fine.

carly: Ok.

brian: Nothing against you. Just.. you have to understand me on this one

brian: k?

carly: Call her and say… “WHAT’S A DEAD SQUIRREL DOING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!?!” and hang up.

brian: LOL

brian: You

brian: are

brian: SO

brian: precious!

brian: You reminded me of like a 3 year old right there.

brian: “MoM?! Can we ride the elephant?!”

brian: “No, sweetie”

brian: “Ok! Can we ride the pony?!”

brian: hehe

brian: No more calls tonight

carly: Dude! Call her and say, “WHAT’S A DEAD SQUIRREL DOING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!?!” and hang up.

carly: just that one thing.

brian: I already called like three times

carly: Just one last time.

carly: If you want to hear her laugh.

brian: ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

carly: YAY!

A few seconds after…

carly: Did he call?!?

steph: yes

steph: i

steph: DIED!!!!

steph: that was the best thing EVER!

steph: especially

steph: cuz he said it

steph: like he was exasperated

carly: What do you mean?!

steph: like he wanted to get it over with

steph: but he still wanted to do it

steph: it was great

steph: and he said to tell you to leave him alone

steph: hahaha

carly: Hahahaha!

carly: I told him first to call you and scream, “CHINESE WHORE”

steph: HAHAHAHAHA!!!

steph: i would have peed

steph: right in my chair!

And lastly…

carly: Exactly!

steph: 🙂

steph: it’s like we share a brain

carly: You know what??

steph: what?

carly: We should go to a scientist and ask him to make a brain-child from our two.

carly: We should have a brain-child together.

carly: It would be the funniest person known to man.

steph: SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

carly: And we could name him or her Steve Steven Carl Carlson.

steph: this is SERIOUSLY the best idea you have EVER had!!!!!

steph: that should go in blogger!!!

carly: You read my mind!!!

steph: 😀

steph: i know!

I love my life.

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