I always felt like if I asked God to help me with something, He would. Simple as that. Whether it was with school, grades, family, friends, or a certain temptation which inevitably lead to sin–God has been the sound parachute I could break open whenever I found myself falling.

Sailing through a clear sky, I can usually see the ground coming up fast. The distance between the dirt and my face is perfectly visible, so I reach for my godly pull-string and jerk it down, saying, “Sweet! With my God-parachute, I’m perfectly fine!” But the simple and obvious truth is that even though God allows me to float safely down, I still end up landing in sin.

But I’ve managed to establish a connection.

I forget that to receive help from God is also to provide my best effort in helping myself. It’s a collaboration of work. Between God, who ensures my safety no matter where I land, and myself. And what I contribute to this partnership is very plain as well as spectacular! You see… I choose where I plant my feet.

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