My first day at work and it was great! Everyone seems to really enjoy their job and I felt very welcome there. After going through the typical how-do-you-do’s, I was placed behind the cash register. I watched Petra, an elderly lady with a wicked sense of humor, work the register two times through.

“You got it?”

“I think so…”

“Ok! Then I’m going home!” Petra reached for her purse, gave me a wink, and left the store.

Thankfully, I still had Darla keeping me company and helping me whenever the register decided to act dysfunctional. Lucky for me, that was a rare occasion. I worked that register like none other! It was like I’d done it hundreds of times before. Darla kept saying, “You’re doing so great!” and kept commenting on how awesome my quick ability to work the register was.

I looked forward to when anyone came into the store. I just loved helping the customers and the fact that I knew nearly everything people had questions about was a huge confidence booster.

Sue really got a chance to see me work, too. She quickly made schedule adjustments with the other employees and now I have a regular work schedule. On Saturday’s, I’ll work from 2:00-800 pm and on Sunday’s, from 11-3 pm. It’s a total of 10 hours, but I’m beginning to think that I’ll be called in often to cover people who can’t come in. I guess it’s a common theme with the people who work there. It doesn’t matter how often a person misses work, so long as he or she calls in beforehand, then it’s ok to not show up. Even when someone can’t be found to cover the shift. All that matters is calling in beforehand.

The day’s summary: Morning was miserable. Allergies suck. My new job rocks. I love working the register. I enjoy going to sleep early, so I will. Goodnight.

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