Technically, I’m done with my psychology class. However, my prof has made it perfectly clear that if I don’t show up on Wednesday, she will surely remove 5 points (or more?) from my overall grade. I despise pointless threats… Still, I will go to class.

I haven’t been called to come to work yet. Sue (my new boss) said she would let me know when she has the schedule figured out. That was four days ago. Still no word back. It might be a smart idea to give her a call. I hate to pester, but technically it has been a while since my interview which declared me “employed.”

This morning, my laptop decided to freak out and not do anything. Hence why I was 15 minutes late to class. The first time in weeks that I would be on time and my laptop goes burzurke. Technology–my best friend and my worst enemy.

I wore a pink sweater to class for our presentation. We’re graded on how we present and dressing nicely is one of those things my prof pays attention to. I’m desperate to change out of this thing. I need a T-shirt and shorts… like now… How do girls who dress classy every single day do it? When does the desperate need of feeling comfortable ever become so overwhelming that they simply cannot go another day wearing low-rise jeans and a pair of heels?

Oh yes… And thanks to Leah, I’ve discovered this fancy little site with fascinating images that depict dreamy storylines. Enjoy yourself.

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