It’s a small shop at Redmond Town Center called The Eastside Dog. They sell dog products such as treats, toys, leashes, and big poofy beds for the family canine. Thankfully, there are no actual dogs. Don’t get me wrong–I like dogs very much. However, I deal with dogs every single day at my own house. If I have to go work and deal with more dogs, I’m sorry, but I’d rather sharpen pencils all day long at Kinko’s.

I met with Sue, the shop owner, yesterday afternoon and we talked for more than an hour. She asked me questions like, “Have you ever suffered from depression?” I told her “no” and she was very relieved. She has gone through three employees already and they’ve all suffered from the condition. “You don’t smoke or drink?” To which I answered, “Nope. Not once.” This came as shock to her, but I get that a lot from people. “If you worked Saturday nights, your dating life wouldn’t suffer?” This question made me laugh very hard and she took that as her answer. Sue is a very kind, easy-going woman and I’m really looking forward to working for her.

She plans to schedule me for three-day weekends, Friday through Sunday, which will get me about 20 hours a week. It’s perfect because that’s just the right amount for someone who’s working part-time and going to school at the same time. I know tons about dogs and all the aspects that include dogs–I have been around them my entire life so it kind of inevitable. It’s even more worth it because she’s starting my pay at $9.25 per hour. Definitely awesome.

The long-term benefits are even great. Once I’ve worked at The Eastside Dog for a significant amount of time, I’ll have the experience in retail that will impress any business I apply to. At least, I hope it’s impressive. Anyone with retail experience has a better chance at getting hired some place else than someone without that retail time.

So there you have it. The details. Anything else?

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