I have a weird, random obsession with the televison show Seventh Heaven… I just have some questions.

Why is every child in the family obnoxiously beautiful? Especially the girls?

Why are none of the kids physically similar in looks? Did the casting crew try hard at all at finding young actors who appear believably related? Or was “Are you pretty?” the only eliminating question on their casting sheets?

What is so extraordinarily cool about these girls’ characters that they should have a brand new love interested every other episode? And why must each and every new boyfriend be as equally attractive (if not moreso) as the teenagers themselves?

Someone please tell me why the youngest boy’s hair is freakishly blonde and his eyebrows are black?!

Why does the mother cry every… single… show?

And what Reverand (father of seven model-esque children) walks in on his two oldest daughters making out with their present boyfriends, interrupts them for a moment, but quickly brushes it off, “Don’t mind me. I was just going to my office?”

You see? This show raises so many questions! While they drive me insane, I also find great entertainment in the whole messy, unbelievable–emphasis on unbelieveable–show. What’s hilarious it’s only been in the last month that I’ve noticed Seventh Heaven. I remember having friends who adored it and never missed it, but it never appealed to me. Now having seen about three or four episodes, I totally understand it’s appeal. It’s ridiculousness is the appeal. The vast amounts of ridiculousness is something I simply cannot resist.

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