We did it! The song has been recorded and has been sent to New York for the Pantene Pro-Voice contest! I realize tons of girls have entered this national competition, but I figure what the heck! I may as well! Three finalists get to fly to New York (where I’ve never been) and perform at Central Park and I can’t imagine a better way to start a new year. Just so you know, my new year starts in August instead of January. I’m not sure why, but it’s always felt that way. But that’s beside the point… The point is–even if I don’t make it as a finalist, at least I got a pretty cool song out of the whole thing. For me, those are hard to come by. Thanks to Austin, Ryan, Leah, and Sarah for helping out, whether it be the recording process or just hanging out for support. You guys are the best.

So, now that the song project is through, I’ve got a couple more in mind. Actually… More than a couple.

First thing–I need to find a job, a regular paycheck, something to add to my already restricting resume… I presently have about fifteen applications in my possession. As soon as I’ve filled them all out (a very tedious task), I’m going back to the mall to return them. Trust me when I say that I’ll be “praying with furver” that one of them will bring me success.

Second thing–finishing school. I have one last group presentation to finish for my psychology class. I also have a volunteer project to complete for environmental studies. Two weeks left of spring quarter and then I’m done. Done. For ten days. After which, summer quarter begins.

Third thing–holding a garage sale. What else can I say? I’ve needed to have a garage sale for the last six months. Finally, with the weather turning somewhat pleasant, I can have one. Hurrah.

Fourth thing–completing The Alex Golden Movement. Unfortunately, I cannot give too many details about this particular subject. To sum it up, I need to get started on making my friend, Alex Golden, famous. And it won’t be easy… But it’s going to happen. Oh yes… It’s going to happen.

So, right. I’ve got lots of things I need/want to work on. We’ll see how things progress. I’m feeling somewhat optimistic. Maybe my motivation for things is finally coming back. I’m not sure what’s improved my mindset, but the fact that my friends have come home may be a factor. I just love those guys.

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