Why I don’t make a good witness (yet).

Location: Seattle, Washington.

Event: Folklife Festival

Activity: playing guitar for the people walking past.

A man drops a few quarters in my guitar case. “Are you really going to college?” he asks in response to my “Help fund my college education” sign.

I nod affirmingly and continue to sing and play.

He straightens his back and shoves his hands in his pockets, “Where do plan on going?”

I figure I’m close enough to the end of the song that I can just end it. So I did. “I’m thinking about the University of Victoria in Canada.”

“In Canada? Why?”

“The currency exchange rate is amazing.”

“You know, you’d probably get more money if you hid your money so people would feel more sympathetic and give more.”

“Yeah… I don’t want to hide anything from anybody though.”

“Well, I’m a college financial aid consultant and you could probably make more money that way. You plan on taking out loans, right?”

“Actually, no. I refuse to go into debt.”

“Really?! Wow… Are you’re parents helping you?”

“Yes, they are. But I’m not just doing this for the money. I also really love to play for people.”

“Haha! You’re not really going to college, are you?”

“What? No, no. I’m going to go–”

“I’m kidding. I’m kidding. That’s cool.”

“Yeah, and it’s really a great opportunity to share my faith and talk to people about God.”

“I don’t know Him.”

“Uh–haha–Uh… You don’t?”

“No… Am I going to Hell?”

“Er–Uh–Ha–Well… no…”

“H-E-double hockey sticks, huh?”

“Haha! Uh… Ok…”

“So, why don’t you go to Bible College?”

“Well, I was actually thinking about it. In Canada, a year’s tuition is just between $6500 and $7000.”

“No, no, no! Don’t go there! Those people are all athiests!”

“What?” Nervous laughter overtakes me. “Canadians are nice.”

“Well, it was nice talking to you.” The man shakes my hand.

“You too.”

“Goodbye! Praise the Lord!” He walks off.

I really suck when it comes to the Good News.

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