It really is time for a free write!!!

I have a really cool bookshelf hanging from my wall. I’m very proud of this bookshelf because it’s practically the first thing I ever bought from IKEA. Sadly… It just fell from the wall, collapsed onto my hope chest, snapped off two pieces of the shelving, and left several picture frames (glass, mind you) shattered in bits and pieces…

I don’t think you realize how disappointed I am right now. First of all, it’s a cool shelf. Shaped like a tic-tac-toe and dark navy blue–this thing is really cool looking. Secondly, I assembled it all by myself. That’s right! Without the IKEA instructions even! Because I’m smart! S-M-A-R-T! Smart! Lastly, my dad and I put it up on my wall like professional construction workers. We didn’t just use nails. No, no. We used a drill-bit and plastic hangers and all this awesome stuff I’d never known how to use before. It was level to the floor and parallel to my window. Absolutely perfect.

Now, I have a mess of videotapes and books and journals and picture frames scattered across my floor. Jumbled and broken things. Book covers folded backwards or in half. Disorganized and utterly hopeless looking… This is quite tragic.

As I stare hopelessly at this pile, I can’t help wishing I could plunge into the mess. No doubt, I’d blend right in.

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