We want money…

leah: ah coool. I was just reading the paper and ran across it.. you know, Catherine is getting paid 550 bucks for a clinical study.

leah: we should really find some good ones

carly: Haha! Wow… What clinical study is she doing?

leah: something with drawing her blood..

leah: she and afriend are doing it

carly: Wow..

leah: it’s liek for two weekends and all they do is sit around and play board games

carly: Haha! Cool.

leah: I wonder where we could find some of those…

carly: I dunno… We can be depressed for a day or two and sign up for one of those depression clinical studies.

leah: hmmmm

leah: where!?

carly: I dunno! I actually hear them being aired over the Christian radio station quite occasionally. Apparently, quite a few Christians are depressed.

leah: sad sauce

leah: hmmm

leah: that is something to consider

carly: definitely…

I never saw it coming to this…

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