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I think I am going to spend a day away from school today… That is, after I get home… from school…

See, I only have one class today and after that, I am going to go home and do whatever. Because for the past week, I have been spending most of my time at either my high school or my college! I think I need to give my friends a break from my presence. Not that they don’t like me or anything, but I seriously don’t wanna get on their nerves. And of course, you know what they’d say, “Oh, Carly! You don’t get on our nerves! What are you talking about?” But everybody else out there knows what I mean, right? I know what its like to have a really really good friend get on your nerves, and I seriously don’t wanna be one of those people.

Anyways, I gotta beat it. I am on a short break from class and I gots-to-be heading back.


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