I’ve lost my optimism. The brighter side of life. The full half of my glass. At the present time, anything considered good is on the other side of the fence, where the grass is greener. I feel teased by my own future, which appears daunting and critical. I have no idea as to why I allow myself to become this discouraged. I suppose it comes from weeks and weeks of not hearing anything uplifting or trying desperately hard to do well, only to fail at reaching any sort of goal.

The sun was shining this morning. Hardly a cloud intruded the sky. Spiraling rays of warmth prompted me to break out a pair of shorts and sunglasses. I went outside, embraced the gracious spring, and stared into the sky. Rain began pelting my face. Jean pants and two layers on top–I’ve retracted back into my post-winter attire. It’s been pouring down ever since.

Instead of cracking open a Heineken, I down a Fufu Berry Jones Soda. My fortune under the cap?

“Your present plans are going to succeed.”

Oh really? Would you mind telling me what plans those are? Because as of right now, I haven’t any. Or do I? Perhaps it all comes down to something I presently lack–optimism. I’ve got to work on that. I feel held back. Whether by myself or someone else… I feel so weighed down, chained, and left alone.

Time to say something optimistic. Let’s go with math, something measured. Something rarely referred to. Something only a fanatic algebra teacher would say.

“For every one of these negatives, there is a positive conclusion. Just check your sums.” – Dr. Yurik Newdabaker, math professor at some college

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