Ok. The moment has come. Here it is. A time to throw myself into the face of vulnerability. Private and personal and, dare I say it, intimate–here is something I would normally keep hush-hush and prefer not to release in public. But because I’ve been accused of being impersonal, bottled up, and vague to what’s really going on, I’ve decided to give you a tidbit into what I would normally keep private. If you treat it nicely and with a fair amount of respect, perhaps I’ll work on being a little less secretive as I have been in the past. Think thoroughly before you comment anything, because it’s not that difficult to know the wrong thing to say and/or ask, thereby tresspassing onto my feelings. So please, be careful. Here it is:

Jets and I talked on the phone for two hours.

There. Chew on that for a while. Because the curtain has been pulled shut. The doors have been closed. My life was bore to you for a full sentence, which is a lot more than anything I have done in the past. Enjoy it. Relish in it. Consume it. And understand it for what it is before coming to me demanding more.

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