A man wearing a tight black T-shirt and jeans was walking through the parking lot. Steph and I saw him as we pulled in, looking for a parking space. In the middle of our conversation, we both saw him and it immediately effected our speech…

“And then he… was… um… like… er…”

We watched as he passed and noticed how he couldn’t pull his arms completely down to his sides, because…

“His muscles are huge! Look at his biceps, Carly! They’re as big as my head!”

Anyway… I thought it was funny. When he ended up being in the same ice cream place as we went, let alone the person ahead of us in line… We had to retreat to the bathroom and wait there until we knew we could handle being around the guy. Basically, all I could think about was how he ate his ice cream when his muscles wouldn’t allow his arms to bend all the way.

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