Time for a free write!!!

I’ll walk through the underbrush and I know what I’ll see. I know I’ll find you, sitting there, rubbing your hands together and thinking… I wonder what she’ll do to me if I look her in the eyes… And I’ll be wondering the same thing about you. Because I’m not in the mood for losing anything to anyone, even if it is to someone as special as yourself. You feel lost. Well. So do I. In a storm, but instead of dust and rain clouding around my eyes, I can see nothing but rose petals plucked from their buds and prickling thorns that have been freshly shorn from their stems.

You’ve got the whole world in your eyes. A couple of the surrounding galaxies are hidden comfortably in your pockets. You seem to possess it all. What have I? You are loved and pined after, while I am stuck on the back end of the alligator spine. Scales and green and teeth and hearts that belong to everybody else. Nobody and that’s me. At least, I think Nobody to you. Until yet.

For all the embers and all the ashes that cover your heart, I thought there was a time when I could see my reflection burning there. Maybe a minute or two. All my compulsions aside. I’m not sure what matters anymore. I’ve dived into something bigger than my self and I’m scared it’s extinguished the flames. Like salt in your eye, I’ve turned your heart against itself. One way or the other. I’ve come to an impass. And waiting. For something. To push me. Passed the line. Of your everything.

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