Audblog update: The system is down… or something. Because I cannot get it to work. I have contacted the audblog people to see if I can’t get any help, so far I haven’t heard back from them. Trust me, I’m working on it. It will work. I promise. Until then, I’m still thinking of things worthy of writing about.

Here’s something–

I was with my dad this morning in the car. We were at the post office. As we drove through, I noticed the car in front of us had signs taped to the back windshield. Both homemade, probably written on typical printer paper. The one on the left read, “LET’S BOMB SUDDAM!” and the one to the right read, “GIVE WAR A CHANCE!” And I didn’t know quite what to think about that, except for how much I felt bad for the guy driving the car. Because I figure lots of people against the war aren’t very kind to him after reading those signs.

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