I am having a good day. Let me provide you a list as to why:

1. Took a shower.

There’s something about an early morning shower that is more gratifying than anything else during the time you are in the shower. Sure, there are other things greater. But when you’re performing the act of showering… At that moment, nothing beats it. Not one single thing.

2. Honey Nut Cheerios.

Dry cereal. No milk. Crunchy goodness that makes for excellent breakfast snacking. Measured out and poured into a small tupperware to tote to psychology class where we talk about brains and the human psyche. Munchables as class wears on, providing a sweet taste in your mouth making it (at least, during psychology class) the best thing you’ll ever taste.

3. Compliments.

My dad still knows me. He still remembers who I was when I was three, four, and five and he knows who I am now. And when he reminisces about when I was five years old with long blonde hair… And when he tells me how I was nicknamed “the fiend” because I was always plotting something, thinking of different ways to do a certain thing… And how I got a very distinct “fiendish” look on my face whenever I was in “fiend-mode”… That moment is one I wish would keep going, so I’ll push him to talk more about it, “Am I still a fiend, dad?” And he says, “Yeah, but just not as devious as you once were.” And I ask, “Do I still plot things?” And he says, “I think you do, but they’re more of just plans now…” And I ask, “Do I still get that fiendish look on my face?” And he says, “Sometimes, I can see it. In your eyes.” And then we both laugh and tease each other about other things, too.

4. New email.

Who doesn’t hold their breath the moment just after they’ve signed in to their email account? Who doesn’t bite their bottom lip in anticipation, hoping to see that someone, somewhere, wants to make contact with you? I know I do. My breath is locked inside my chest and my lips are pressed shut, and when “1 (sometimes up to 8) New Email Message(s)” appears on my screen, and when everything in me is released… That’s the greatest feeling I could have sitting there, just then. At that moment, nothing tops it. Especially when the computer connection is broadband. All that much sweeter.

5. Talking to my best friend.

Even though it was for a short while, it was wonderful to see her name back on my buddylist again. She has “lented” from Messenger for about six weeks now and I have missed our conversations terribly. Today, her name appeared and I swear, I gasped. There are several moments that can’t be beat in this one… You can’t beat it when she says “HI!” You can’t beat it when she says “yay!” And you can’t be it when she ends the conversation with “LOVE!” along with some shibboleths no one else could ever understand because “you weren’t there when it happened.”

6. Naps.

Nothing’s better than the moment I click the “Post & Publish” button so to go to my room and collapse in bed for an hour or two. Nope. Not one single solitary thing is better.

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