Something has washed over me in the last couple hours… I feel renewed. And what better day to feel as such than Easter Sunday.

I just finished having dinner with my family. My mom, my dad, my brother, and me. Sitting at a dinner table. Together. For the first time in months upon months. However, because today is Easter, daily routine no longer applies. Mashed potatoes are made, dad-style. There’s a roast. Rolls with butter and jam. Ah yes, and macaroni salad. Even the nice dishes have been set out. This is a big deal, people. It’s an event. And I was dreading it. In fact, just prior to the meal, I locked myself in my room and played my guitar, in hopes to drown out what I knew was the inevitable. While I wish my family ate dinner together more often, I also don’t enjoy it when we do. Mom and dad end up talking business and if Kyle or I want to discuss something, it usually turns into some sort of family controversy. I don’t know how to explain it. Dinner-table conversation. It’s hardly pleasant. I realize it could be much worse. My parents could be fighting and my brother and I could be trying to kick each other underneath the table. Knocking over glasses and rolling eyes. All of that. Believe me, I know I’ve got it pretty good. And guess what–I’ve got it even better…

Because dinner was wonderful. Family was wonderful. Everything was nice and friendly and no one was in a bad mood. It was a fabulous hour and by the time I was finished, full with a well-cooked meal, I was happy. Full and happy. Prepared to make some changes and start breathing some fresh air. In the next couple months, I’m going to start embracing life as it draws more and more near. Participating in my own life, because I think I deserve that much.

A list is on its way. Things I want to see change. Things I want to add. My life, my changes, in hopes to see a vast amount of results. Happy, splendid results. Becoming the person I feel called to be. I’ll give it as soon as I’m finished. Until then, just having the support of friends is wonderful and encouraging. Whether they be near or far, I enjoy their words. It is especially cool since so many friends are coming home so soon. And will be here for a healthy amount of time. My friends are better than any prescription medicine you could ever receive. Even in the smallest doses.

Happy Easter, everyone. May God bless you this holy day. And every other day, too.

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