I just had to describe the moment that just happened. It made me cry, but in the good way.

Dad’s been working on the barn all morning. Actually, he’s been working on it for months, but that’s beside the point. So, dad’s been working hard all morning and he developed quite a thirst. So he came to me with five bucks bucks and asked if I would drive down the street to the gas station and pick him up a few bottled lemonades.

“Do you mind, Car?”

So I came back from the gas station with three lemonades and two bucks change. I took them out to dad and saw that he’d just finished a wall. There was no wall yesterday. Now there’s a wall. The man can do anything. It blows my mind. He stapled his finger earlier and came in the house to rinse it with soap and water. He wasn’t upset or complaining about the pain. He simply said, “Stupid staple gun…” and proceeded to scrub away the dried blood from his index finger. Afterwards, he went back out and finished building the wall. Hurt and swollen finger and all… He just keeps going.

I handed him a lemonade.

“Oh man! Thanks, Car! Would you put the other two bottles in the fridge?”

“Sure, dad. Here’s your change,” I said, handing him the two dollars.

“Oh. Just keep it.”

Sweet! Because any money is good money.

With a pleasant grin, “Thanks, dad.”

I started walking away, but stopped when my dad said, “Hold up a minute.”


He was sitting on his knees and reached into his back pocket. He pulled out his wallet, the one he’s had since ’71, and opened it up. He pulled out $20 and handed it to me.

“Here ya go,” he said. “I love you. You’re a great kid. Gimme a kiss.”

I gave him a peck and hardly knew what to say. It wasn’t like him to do something like that. My dad isn’t numb to affection, but he’s not one to ask for the kiss or the hug. If I’m willing to give it–the hug, the kiss, the back-scratching–he’ll take it without a hint of hesitation. But when he asks for it? It means an incredible amount more.

Basically, my dad is the greatest. And that’s that.

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