What girl out there never had a Guy? Do you know what I’m referring to, ladies? The Guy?

Ok, allow me to clarify.

I think every girl has had a Guy they have secretly adored from afar and loved without a cause, usually starting sometime in elementary school and usually lasting all the way through high school. Up until the very day she graduates with the rest of her senior class, she has had dreams and thoughts about that Guy and fantasized about what being with him would be like. It doesn’t matter how many boyfriends the girl has throughout her educational career. If the Guy is still going to the same school, then she still thinks about him whenever he passes by her in the hall. Whenever his name is announced over the intercom because he made the only goal during yesterday’s soccer game. Whenever she sees his girlfriend at the dance, dressed down in her beautiful dress and him in his tuxedo, attached to her arm. The thoughts just continue and don’t ever seem to cease…

So you ask, Who was Carly’s Guy?

I’ll tell you.

It was Matt Phillips. Matthew Christopher Phillips. That’s right. I know the Guy’s middle name. And I don’t think I ever asked to know it. I just do. I loved him from fifth grade on through my freshman year, and although the “strong” feelings for him seemed to stop after that, the thoughts remained. They never went away. So long as he was within the same high school brick walls and playing on our high school’s football and soccer teams, so long my dreams pursued themselves. His smile, his tall, lengthy figure, and above all else, his laugh… Unforgettable. I have so many stories. I could write a book on that one crush. Because let’s face it–he was the Guy.

So I ask you now.

Who was your Guy? What was his name? And give one reason as to why you’ll never forget him for so long as you live. Because these are the people we never forget, whether bad or good–we cherish them because they ultimately changed us and somehow effected who we are today.

And for you Guys. If you’ve got that Girl, go for it. I’d like to know her name too.

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