I thought I would be leaving for home today. It never occurred to me that there were 31 days in the month of March. I thought today was April 1st. Therefore, I believed I was leaving on a train back to Seattle today around 3:45 pm. So did Brian. I’m completely packed and ready to go. What a disaster it would have been to arrive at the San Luis Obispo train station only to learn my train would not be leaving yet for another 24 hours. Maybe not a disaster. Perhaps just awkward.

Thank God for blog. I would have never even realized if I hadn’t blogged this morning. Because after I hit my favorite “Post & Publish” button, I saw the date!

“[3/31/2003 12:57:09 PM | carly bishop]”

When I thought it would read:

“[4/01/2003 12:57:09 PM | carly bishop}”

So one last day before I head back home. And there to greet me? My dad. And after that? Switchfoot. Although, that only happens if my train gets there on time. Which… I don’t think is likely. If I have to miss Jon and the simple act in which he sings into his guitar… Depression will sink in and I will remain in a semi-sultry state for a minimum of 36 hours, equal to that of one and one half days.

However, I will do my best to make the show! Come game-time, I will run for the goal with all the strength that remains in me after such a long trip back home. Just pray the flipping train doesn’t have to stop because some “moron” was runniing about aimlessly in a tunnel. That was the reason why I was two hours late in arriving to the SLO Station. A “moron” in a tunnel–the conductor’s words, not mine.

Speaking of “morons”, time to watch a movie starring Eminem. Just a joke. I’m sure he’s very nice.

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