I’m moving out. Despite the simplicity of that sentence, it’s a much more complicated issue…

I wrote the above statement two hours ago. I have since had two conversations with people online that have both made me question what I want to do. Amazing how quickly God throws things along our path to notice, observe, and consider. Life can be interesting, if only you allow God to take charge. You think with God guiding you, you’re going to lead a boring, trite, typical life? How much I pity you…

Subject change:

Affection. Do so with pure motivations. No one ever said people have to earn someone’s affection through your actions and your money. If you think for one second that you need to buy people things in order to keep them liking you, let me correct you. It’s crap. Those intensions are the wrong ones to have behind your actions. If you do something (buy something?) for someone you are romantically interested in, ask yourself this question each time you do: Would I do this same thing for someone who was just a friend? Or am I only doing this because I want this person to know I appreciate them? Because the truth is, if you are a genuinely good person, then there is no need to do anything to prove to anyone who you really are and/or how you really feel.

Make this your goal: to guard their hearts (it doesn’t matter whose) and never manipulate or take advantage of the affections you may receive from another.

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