I’d really like to compile a soundtrack describing the every facet of my life. All the different stages of my life; the feelings and emotions I so often find myself experiencing. In the last year or so, I’ve become really picky about what I listen to. There are several aspects to music I like to consider when making the ultimate decision to make them part of my collection. Musicianship. Unique in sound. Quality and tolerance of voice. I say “tolerance” because, while there are many awesome voices out there, many of them will begin to rub me the wrong way if I listen to them for too long or too often. The following, while they are great voices and fun to listen to, tend to get “old” after a while:

Relient K

Five Iron Frenzy

Linkin Park



While there are others that never bring me to that edge. A few examples are:



Nick Drake

The Juliana Theory

Dave Matthews Band

Louis Armstrong

Alright. Shall I make a weak attempt at compiling a list of songs by various artists that best describe many of my emotions, feelings, desires, passions, and everything in between?

“Everybody’s Free” – Quindon Tarver

“True Colors” – Cyndi Lauper

“Clocks” – Coldplay

“More Than Words” – Extreme

“Hey Jude” – Paul McCartney

“Pink Moon” – Nick Drake

“Bye Bye Blackbird” – Joe Cocker

“Bartender” – Dave Matthews Band

“This Is Your Life” – Switchfoot

“White Days” – The Juliana Theory

“Angel” – Gavin Friday

“A Kiss to Build A Dream On” – Louis Armstrong

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Ray Charles

“Life and Love and Why” – Switchfoot

“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong

“Parasite” – Nick Drake.

“Trouble” – Coldplay

“Twenty-Four” – Switchfoot

“Summertime” – Mae

“Black Dog” – Nick Drake

I think my soundtrack is gonna have to be a two-disc set…

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