Nothing beats doing kind things for other people out of the genuine sincerity of one’s heart. I’m not kidding, overexaggerating, or stretching the truth in any way. A kind action, word, or gesture can go so far a distance with people. At least, I believe it does. Feeling special, like you stand out from everyone else; like you are truly cared for; like you are loved… Moments like those are the type you don’t forget, even after a lifetime. Never forgetting the feelings, always remembering the faces. Dare I say… priceless?

I can’t really think of much else to say. However, I would like to continue this post. Therefore, I think it’s time for a list.

Top 10 of My Visit to Atascadero, California:

10. Tommy Boy at Preston’s house.

9. Moulin Rouge, beautiful voices and pretty pictures.

8. Tia Juana’s, good, good, good, good food.

7. Frisbee at the park.

6. Train station antics.

5. Brian on the drums.

4. Rasberries, and I don’t mean the type you eat.

3. Simon & Garfunkel in the car.

2. Brian. He makes me laugh harder than anyone in my life.

1. Jesus and His innumerable blessings.

Believe me, there are tons more to be spoken of… So much to write about. So much to reveal. Including a dream I had last night of Jason Killingsworth living in the house nextdoor to Leah‘s parents’ place. Very odd, indeed… I have no idea where that came from. And don’t get any wrong ideas. I think I may have dreamt it because I went a day without blogging. And you can understand what the does to my system. Totally throws my world off its axis. Completely.

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