I leave tomorrow morning at 7:30 am for the Amtrak whose 11 Train will leave (with me on it) at 10:00 am. Who knows what I’ll see? Who knows what I’ll do? I’m going on an adventure. Now, just sit back, and imagine me running around a train being chased by a large group of dusty, cowboy men. They’re after an ancient piece of art which belongs in a museum, however I presently possess in my hand and am risking my life to keep it from their reach. I jump from car to car, avoiding certain doom, and eventually, by some terrible mishap, land in a bucket full of snakes. However, I make it out safely and encounter some pretty gruff, rough, dirty bad guys and at some point, I’ll attain a whip. It’ll be a grand time and by the end of it all, I will be addicted to the act of pure adventure.

…Just pray for me, ok guys?

Will write more of my activities soon.


Indiana Jones

California Carly

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