Time for a free-write!!!

I was thinking about today and I was actually really looking forward to all of it. I had so many things I could do. Hang out with my brother. Hang out by myself. Listen to music. Go downtown. Do whatever. I really felt like being active today, but I ended up not being because it was really sunny out and it made me feel all lazy.

Kyle and I are probably going to go play frisbee pretty soon at the park about a mile away in the next couple days. Work on our game. Sharpen our mad skills. Leap about. Run around. Burn some calories. Fall down. Good times. Fun times. Great times. Super-duper times will be had by all.

Today is Ryan‘s birthday and I’ve been asking him for the last three weeks or so to tell me when it was and he never would. He says he “hates” his birthday, but I don’t buy that for a single millisecond because who doesn’t like their birthday? I mean, maybe some people who classify themselves as “old” or “older” don’t and that makes sense. However, when it comes to the teenage years, and since Ryan‘s turning 21, I think that’s pretty good reason to be happy. Anyways, it’s not about the age anyway. It’s about the recognition. Your birthday was a special day because that was the day God brought you into the world–and let me tell you something! That is worth celebrating!!!

Alright, alright, so I think I’ve written enough… I’ve been really distracted because “Joe vs. The Volcano” is on ABC Family right now and I never really watched the movie thoroughly before… So I was never able to decide on whether I really liked the movie or not. Especially with so many different Meg Ryan’s and their different hair-colors and lengths. Get’s a big irritating. Actually… Meg Ryan is just irritating. Moving on…

I’m going to my room.

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