Wow, my friend is leaving tomorrow for Australia. AUSTRALIA!!! That’s a million miles away! Well… you know what I mean. She’s doing some kinda discipleship training thingy or something. It’s been really fun watching her grow in her relationship with Christ– ‘specially since she’s made some pretty hefty mistakes. I look at her and I think to myself, “How come I don’t have the same desire she has for God? How come I don’t pursue something that requires a leap of faith?” I keep telling myself that I need to. I don’t think I have been really listening to God lately. Not ignoring Him when he tells me to do something, but more like I changed phone numbers so God can’t call… I didn’t do it on purspose, but I know that I’ve neglected my talks with him. I’ve recently decided to take up prayer journals again. I know that last year my spirit and my mind grew so much when I wrote my prayers down. I became a better Christian for doing it.

I’ve made a small list of resolutions for the new year– things that are material and spiritual:

1. Write in prayer journal daily and read bible regularly.

2. Memorize bible verses and post to ceiling for nightly reminders.

3. Learn guitar theory.

4. Write letters to friends.

5. Give presents.

6. Give hugs and say “I love you” more.

And other things like that. These are all just mental notes that I made in the last few days. Now that I’ve actually written them down, I am really hoping that I am constantly reminded of them and to DO them. Anyways, I realize that I have not BLOGed in more than a week. I’m trying to get back on it. God with you! I’m out…

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