I’m sitting in my friend’s roommate’s room… I’ve had the most wonderful night. John told a story that resulted in me crying ridiculously hard. I cried. I hurt. It was quite funny. Not really the story he told, but how he was sorta, kinda, really trying to be serious about it… Or maybe he wasn’t. I’m not sure… All I know is–laughing like that made me happy to be alive.

“So this one time I was at youth group and my youth leader asked me to read something from Matthew… Yeah, I think it was Matthew… Anyways… Basically, the verse was supposed to go something like, ‘And Jesus said to his disciples…’ but I remember thinking that I was reading from the New Testament… I dunno, something about Testament… And so I ended up saying ‘And Jesus said to his testicles…'” And that’s when I lost it and was unable to listen to the rest of the story… I lost it completely. Tears streamed down my face, my teeth chattered, my arms shivered. It was the biggest laughing fit I’d had in a very long time. I wish it happened more often.

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