Naps are sweet, wonderful things. A thing I have not experienced in at least five months or so. I’ve missed naps. I’ve desired a nap. I wish I could take one now, but it’s 10:15 pm and if I took a nap now, then I would just be going to sleep… So where’s the joy in that? There is no joy in that. I would just go to sleep and wake up early and that would be it. No satisfaction whatsoever. I wish it were earlier… I would take a nap if it were earlier. When the sun was just starting to go down and Kyle were still at school and my parents were at the airport… I would take a nap at exactly that point. But that time will never come again… At least, not for another special occasion, when I know I’ll take it for granted and neglect a nap again. I really wish I could take a nap.

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