I was looking at my mom earlier today. I was looking for her in my own face. I couldn’t find anything. Am I just blind to my what my own mother looks like? Or are there really no similarities to her and my face? Different eye color, different hair color, different skin-tone, different face-shape. Where is she? You tell me. What can you see?

Mom’s picture is when she was 18 years old. My picture is from this month. I’m 19.

Why can’t I see her?

Growing up, I was always asking my mom, “Mommy, whose eyes do I have? Yours or daddy’s?”

“You have daddy’s blue eyes.”

I don’t know what year my nose decided it would rather look like an adult-nose instead of a child’s pug-nose, but I do remember asking my mom, “Mom, whose nose do you think I have? Yours or dad’s?”

“You have dad’s nose.”

Every morning when I wake up, I go to the bathroom and I look in the mirror. I’m constantly reminded of the faint freckles scattered across my nose and cheeks.

“Mom, where do I get my freckles from? You don’t have them and neither does dad.”

“You get those from me.”

“You don’t have freckles, mom.”

“Yeah, but I did.”

“And they just went away one day?”

“Yeah, I guess I grew out of them when I was about 14 or 15.”

“Grew out of them?”

“Yeah, they just kinda went away…”

“I still have mine.”

“Yeah. Funny, huh?”

“Yeah, funny.”

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