I saw J. Lo at school today. She was at the elevator, slirping up a tropical punch Hi-C pouch and was dressed in her J. Lo best. I saw her later coming from the parking lot. A group of guys watched as she walked passed and they yelled out her name but she didn’t look back. This time, she was dressed appropriate for a leisurely jog. Matching brown velvet sweats with a matching zip-up cardigan. Let’s not forget the pink pin-stripe that started at the shoulders and followed completely down to her heels. I spotted J. Lo again in the computer lab. I forgot to see what she was wearing, but I know she was dressed again in her J. Lo best. Not to mention, by that time, I didn’t really care anymore. I can’t keep track of every J. Lo that crosses my path. I can gaurantee you one thing though:

I’m never going to be mistaken for J. Lo. Thank God.

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