Let’s see who can come up with the best penname for myself using all the letters from my real name, only scrambled so they no longer appear to be my name. Here you go:


Whoever comes up with the most convincing, believable name using all and only these letters, will win and I will send that person a delicious cookie as a grand prize. The name you invent can be male or female, I honestly don’t care. Each letter in my name can only be used once. So, since there’s only one “P” in my name, you can only use it once. However, you can put it anywhere. It can be part of the first, middle, or last name–that doesn’t matter. I think you basically get the picture.

And if you have no desire for a delicious cookie, do this so to please/entertain me. Besides, I need a penname for this monologue I’m writing for my acting class. Thanks, everyone! This shall be fun!

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