I have this driving wish to be tolerant of people. Especially to those who irritate me like you can’t even imagine. However, when it becomes too difficult to smile, to nod in that person’s direction, or to be polite and acknowledge them for being whoever it is they are, I can do one last thing–ignore them completely.

A girl walked into my poetry class today with the phrase “DON’T STARE AT ME” written on her forehead in big, blue letters. She sat two seats down from me. I couldn’t even bring myself to tilt my head in her direction. Not only was she telling me what to do, but it was with her forehead. Everyone else who read the billboard written on her face turned and asked her what it was all about. Of course, she delighted in telling the story. I refused to listen.

It’s not the deed that deserves attention and respect, it’s the heart. Don’t try to entertain me; I know what is worthy of my admiration and it’s simply this–genuinity.

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